When you think of Battersea, your mind probably wanders to the beauty of Battersea Park and the shopping opportunities at Battersea Power Station. But if you’re tired of visiting the same spots, we’ve got good news for you. Do a bit of digging, and you’ll soon discover that Battersea is an area full of surprises.

Looking for a place to get away from the crowds? Here are some of the hidden gems of Battersea that you might not have heard of.


Cinema in the Arches

Want to catch the latest film releases in style? Look no further than Cinema in the Arches, a swanky independent cinema with cosy reclining seats and a great vibe. Formerly known as the Archlight Cinema, film buffs can choose from a selection that includes huge blockbusters or low-key independent releases. 

Pump House Gallery

You might come to Battersea Park to take in the natural sights, but don’t let Pump House Gallery pass you by. This stately Grade II listed building offers both stunning views of the surrounding park, and an art gallery with a variety of different exhibitions throughout the year. Also operating as a venue for private and public events, who knows - it could even be the picturesque setting you need for your next event!

Battersea Flower Station

Accessible through a small gate entrance below the railway on Battersea Park Road, this puts the hidden in hidden gem. Originally designed as a florists garden centre, this spot has grown in popularity because of its attentive staff, helpful tips and tricks, and stunning floral arrangements. Looking for a new plant or succulent for your home? You’ll fall in love with the selection on offer here.

Battersea Boot Sale

Few feelings hit the spot quite like picking up an amazing gem for a bargain price. And if you’re perfectly happy with getting up early on a Sunday morning, Battersea Boot Sale is the place to do it. Rummage through the pre-owned wonders on display here and find everything from vintage clothes to priceless antiques. 

The Four Thieves Pub

With an apartment in Battersea, you can find a good drink or meet up spot pretty much anywhere you look. But at The Four Thieves, you can expect a pub that stands out from the flock. So much more than your average pub, you’ll be able to enjoy retro arcade games, drunken karaoke sessions or even the occasional comedy night. Try and find that at your local Wetherspoons.

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